Olive VLE - We are more than just an
apprenticeship management software

We enable businesses to prepare employees and job seekers for the future by creating innovative ecosystems for business advancements and opportunities. Fulfil your goals with solutions that provide exceptional headcount planning capabilities, seamless hiring and onboarding experiences, increased employee engagement in any working environment, and performance management that empowers businesses with our support hand

Hire, retain, and
upskill talent

The platform offers organisations a clear picture of their existing employee’s skills and talents to help them develop, retain, and redeploy them, enabling businesses and their people to grow.

Identify and close
skill gaps

The platform helps to discover patterns, capabilities, and skills and close skill gaps in your company.

Plan and activate

The platform encourages you to make quick and wise decisions regarding your people and implement them effectively.

Robust features to engage
your teams

Olive VLE Apprenticeship Management software has powerful tools and features that facilitate the process of apprenticeship training. We’ve developed a complete set of features to support you in implementing your plans and equip you as you analyse new talent acquisition solutions. Our buyer’s toolkit comprises a wide range of tools to help you along the way.


Work Process Competencies (On-the-Job Training hours)

Apprentices can easily submit their Work Competency hours to the platform within seconds.


Related Instructions (Off-the- Job Training hours)

Apprentices can submit their Related Instruction hours to the platform in a few seconds.


The Learning Coach Login Page

The mentor has a unique login ID and password to track the learning journey of their apprentice’s 144 Related Instruction hours.


Employer Mentor Login Page

The mentor has their unique login ID and password to track the journey of the 2000 hours of their apprentice.


The Apprentice Login Page

The Apprentice has their unique login ID and password to access all the relevant information to fulfil their apprenticeship journey.


The Administrator Login Page

The Administrator has their unique login ID and password to gain access for them to view the apprentices’ journey and create programs.


Wage Schedule

Administrators can easily manage their apprentices’ wage schedules when someone is due for a raise.


DOL Compliance

DOL audits consume less time as every piece of information regarding the program is received with a button click.


Pay Meter and Tracking

Create and activate pay rise schedules and notifications.


Learner Dashboard

Gives a 360-degree view of the learners’ progress and many other learning activities.


Real-time sessions

Make learning interactive with LIVE chats and video conferencing tools.


Course Builder

Create and launch courses using our intuitive course builder easily.


Virtual Classroom

The platform offers a top-notch virtual learning experience for effective communication.


Chat Functionality

Administrators, learning coaches and mentors can interact with their apprentices in real-time through the built-in chat function.



Our Performance Evaluation System lets administrators quickly evaluate their apprentices’ skills and provide timely and helpful feedback.


Course Dripping

Set rules and regulations for accessing the course content based on the learning path.


Granular and Real-Time reporting

Tracks the activities of learners and assessors, manual grading and much more.


Document management

Admins can upload the credentials of the apprentices’ to their profile, and once done, it will be automatically available on their profile.


Evidence Bank

Apprentices can seamlessly upload their evidence, documents, images, and reports to an Evidence Bank on the platform.


Workflow Management

Tutors and assessors can do continuous observations, feedback and re-submission management.


Certification Management

Create and manage certification templates, life cycle and expiration management.