Olive VLE Learning Content Management System is a single space to store and manage all your documents in cloud

Users can directly access any documents from a single place – no more jumping around multiple files to store, share or locate docs. Enhance your online training with an end-to-end encrypted Learning Content Management System.

What is Document Management
System (DMS)?

Document Management System is also known as Learning Content Management System. It is a powerful software to safely store all your crucial files or documents in cloud storage. Designed to serve an organised system software for enterprise companies. DMS or Learning Content Management System is undoubtedly best paired with a Learning Management System. Upgrade the storage limit and upload any number of docs onto the cloud system.

What can you do with a Learning
Content Management System?



Simply drag and drop any files and upload them onto cloud storage with a click. Store all your documents in one place with the DMS or Learning Content Management System.



Learning Content Management System ensures that all your documents are fully encrypted and are protected from data leakage. The in-built security system makes sure that the users’ files are 100% safe.



Keep the forum lively with activities, discussions or chats amongst the trainees. Maintain a healthy relationship with peers by communicating through a socialise-able platform.



Easily share a document with other members in the forum with a click. Adjust the visibility setting to private and just share the link to the desired audience.



Documents can be tagged for easy access and retrieval. It can also be used for effective search by using a name, tag or document type.


Easy access

Admins can readily access the documents from the platform. They can upload, download or delete a document at any time.

Success stories

Learn how our customers increased learner engagement which reflected in a higher degree of productivity by adopting an LMS system. Get inspired from the stories probably you could relate.

A complete solution
for training providers!

Securely store and access all your documents from a single-cloud-point with Olive VLE’s Learning Content Management System. It is simply the easiest way to store, share or reach a doc from anywhere at any time.

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