Olive VLE Apprenticeship Management Software to elevate your team’s skills and grow your business

Equip your people with the right apprenticeship training and guidance to mitigate risks, save costs and enhance productivity. Train your teams with data, enterprise and management training to accelerate your competitive edge with a greater ROI.

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Olive VLE apprenticeship management and tracking software is a great investment for your workforce development. The platform offers everything to tackle your training challenges and deliver interactive and impactful training sessions. Our apprenticeship tracking system helps you enhance your apprenticeship frameworks, standards, and vocational training. We support businesses to upskill their people, attain goals, pursue new opportunities, and improve employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Olive VLE's Apprenticeship Management Software

Olive VLE’s Apprenticeship management software enables you to find and recruit underutilised, highly-qualified candidates. The automation, organisation, and simplification of apprenticeship programmes through the apprenticeship management system is intended to help you save thousands of dollars and endless hours of labour each year. The all-in-one platform with management, tracking, and reporting tools is developed for businesses to manage their trainees during their apprenticeship training programmes.

Works well with all users


Monitor and manage your company’s apprentices, occupations, and compliance.


Monitor and manage hiring, training and compliance across multiple employers.


Monitor and manage employers, hiring, and compliance among your partners.


Manage to get apprenticeships online.

Schools and Colleges

Track and manage thousands of learners and the whole system digitally.


Supervise members from multiple departments of your organisation.

Robust features focusing
on usability


Work Process Competencies (On-the-Job Training hours)

Apprentices can easily submit their Work Competency hours to the platform within seconds.


Related Instructions (Off-the-Job Training hours)

Apprentices can submit their Related Instruction hours to the platform in a few seconds.


Wage Schedule

Administrators can easily manage their apprentices’ wage schedules when someone is due for a raise.


DOL Compliance

DOL audits consume less time as every piece of information regarding the program is received with a button click.

Reach your goals

Olive VLE’s apprenticeship management and tracking solution will help you achieve your online training goals and make your job easier.

Build and nurture a community

Enhance learner engagement

Close skill gaps

Reduce training costs

Foster collaboration

Tracking data to optimise training

Improve employee retention

Manage everything from a single platform

Ready-to-use courses

Partnering with Olive VLE’s apprenticeship learning management system can grant you access to unlimited high-quality content to help you easily start your training program. Subscribe to our skill library and get access to a collection of off-the-shelf courses covering multiple topics or try our bespoke content creation capability to train your people.

Learning Management System Software with Content Library

Success stories

Learn how our customers increased learner engagement which reflected in a higher degree of productivity by adopting an LMS system. Get inspired from the stories probably you could relate.

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