Tap into alternative realities (VR, AR, MR) with Olive XR

Take your training to the next level with Olive XR. Easily make videos at high speed with the touch of augmented reality for an immersive experience.

What is Olive XR?

XR goes with every training scenario, irrespective of industry. Transform your training to a highly interactive, incredibly engaging, and realistically stimulating one. The XR clips are bound to grab the trainees’ attention and interest. Upskilling has never been more promising. Shorten the learning curve significantly with tech-based videos.

Benefits of Olive XR

Reduced training

Better engagement

Increased retention

What can you do with Olive XR?

WebXR: Product offering

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Virtual Reality Inductions

Interactive employee inductions delivered via WebXR. This can be a blend of 360 video, immersive 3D experiences, quizzes and web content. All progress is tracked and auditable via business admins as new employees are onboarded.


Immersive Product Training

Educate complex processes and maintenance via WebXR interactive 3D models. This is accompanied by supporting content which includes videos, text, images, voiceovers and links to further content.


360 Video Experiences

360 video walkthroughs and scenarios can be scripted, developed and deployed via webXR. Overlay interactive content and virtual guide learners through processes, get familiar with onsite locations and meet team members all via this virtual environment.


3D Training Environments

Build 3D immersive environments to allow learners to visualise locations, interact with products, learn about processes and much more.

Mixed Reality: Product Offering

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On-site Product Training

Learn how to use products on-site using mixed-reality interactive guides. Eye and room tracking provide content overlays and support for even the most complex of operations.


Collaboration Experiences

Use multiple headsets in a shared application to learn and manipulate 3D components and environments within the same on-site location.


3D Product Simulations

Collaborate remotely over the same table using Microsoft mesh technology. Review 3D components and objects to refine and develop ideas interactively via mixed reality headsets.


Remote Assistance

Dial in an SME to support complex processes as part of the learning experiences. The support team can view exactly what you see while performing any task. SMEs can share content and annotate on the learner's screen while connected through the mixed reality headset remotely.

Virtual Reality: Product Offering

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Scenario Based Learning

Build fully immersive 3D environments with scenario-based logic applied to take a learner through a virtual learning journey. Track and report progress and scores based on interactions within the experience.


Immersive Product Training

Interact with 3D products in a fully immersive environment. Move objects, change configurations and solve problems using hand gestures within the dynamic experience.


360 Video Simulations

Take 360 videos to the next level by creating hard-to-access safety experiences. Get the learner closer to the detail using 360 cameras attached to different objects.


Skills Training Experiences

Use Virtual Reality to train learners on specific skills or processes in a custom environment. This can range from sports set plays to medical procedure training.

Success stories

Learn how our customers increased learner engagement which reflected in a higher degree of productivity by adopting an LMS system. Get inspired from the stories probably you could relate.

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