Olive VLE Community Forum is a learning experience platform to connect and build a solid community beyond digital classrooms

Community Forum is a space beyond the online training sessions where trainees can interact and bond with peers. A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) enhances the e-learning journey and ensures a complete learning experience. Validate the core purpose of your digital course with LXP.

What is Community Forum?

Community Forum is also known as Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It is a social channel to connect with members of the training community to keep the connection intact and active. The forum paves way for informative insights, appreciation, discussion, interaction and engagement. It boosts the cohesiveness within the community and eases the work environment. An LXP system mitigates the communication gap issues that could occur in remote learning.

What can you do with a Learning
Experience Platform (LXP)?


Search Box

Admin can search for communities, topic tags and conversations from the top left corner panel and then view their search results. It will list search results from only communities where the user is part of that community.


Topic Tags

Enter the word you wish to search for in the search bar and the resulys will list out the topic tags. This simplifies the task of searching a particular keyword in the platform. It will list only 5 tags for a search keyword. Users can search tags from the feed and community dashboard.


Make Private

Community Admin can make a community private so that only users joining the community will be able to see the updates in that community. Other users won’t be able to join the community.


End-to-end encrypted

The forum is completely encrypted. No outsider can access the platform without the admin’s awareness. This space is exclusive for the community members to facilitate the learning experience.



Admins can invite members into the community by sending an invite from the platform itself. Build a strong community by smartly using the Learning Experience Platform. Let your learners grow within this learning social network.



The Learning Experience Platform has a well-designed feed that is very interesting and easy to comprehend. Users of any age can access the platform with minimal guidance.

Success stories

Learn how our customers increased learner engagement which reflected in a higher degree of productivity by adopting an LMS system. Get inspired from the stories probably you could relate.

A complete solution for
training providers!

Develop a robust learner community with the cloud-based Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It is undoubtedly the best paired with a Learning Management System.

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