Olive VLE Skill library - An LMS with a content library to power up your corporate training

A comprehensive content library with a Netflix-style catalogue that enables instant access to a pool of hundreds of pre-made courses written by experts, covering the skills and knowledge your team requires to activate results and ensure success at work.

The perfect learning management system software with a content library to facilitate your training

An LMS with a content library can create custom training programmes and courses and provide access to a wide range of pre-existing content. Optimise readily available courses from the LMS content library or create your own bespoke digital content to train and equip your team with the resources and skills to level up your organisation.

Off-the-shelf courses
that everyone prefers


Bite-sized lessons for quick & easy learning!

Making easily digestible content reduces cognitive load. Therefore, some courses of the off-the-shelf eLearning library are created as mini-lessons that are less than 15 minutes, so learners are more likely to complete training, enjoy it, and use it at work.


Interactive courses that would make learning fun & enjoyable!

Interactively designing course content is one of the best ways to remember information. So, every course is built in an engaging way your users won’t forget.


Authored & reviewed by experts!

Each topic for the off-the-shelf eLearning content is highly researched using the latest information from subject matter experts. Senior instructional designers review every course to ensure that the intended knowledge and skills are transferred appropriately.


Graphics & animation to take the boredom out of training!

Additional visual graphics and animations are included while creating elearning content to make learning more fun and enjoyable so your users will love the training.

Use the power of custom content to upskill your team’s skills & knowledge

Transform your ordinary training into a better version with Olive’s bespoke content creation.

Psst! Want to know
something important?

Workplace learning report 2021 by LinkedIn states that

  • 66% of L&D pros globally agree Learning and Development is focused on rebuilding or reshaping your organization this year.
  • 64% of L&D pros globally who agree that L&D shifted from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” in 2021.
  • 59% of the L&D pros consider upskilling and reskilling as their top priority.
  • 33% of the L&D pros consider virtual onboarding as their top priority.
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of L&D pros globally — and nearly three-quarters (73%) in North America — report that their executives have made Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) programs a priority.
  • 76% of Gen Z learners believe learning is the key to a successful career.

Success stories

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