Tailor your business training with Olive’s bespoke content creation

Olive’s bespoke solution uses the power of narration, rich media, and spectacular visual design to help you defeat your organisation’s training challenges.

What is Bespoke Content Creation?

One size never fits all when it comes to corporate training; each firm is different, and users will respond to the same programme differently. This is why it’s best that businesses choose bespoke content when an off-the-shelf option simply isn’t effective.

Whether you’re trying to change behavioural patterns or deal with conflict across multiple industries, our in-house specialists, a.k.a bespoke content providers, are available to design bespoke training content specifically catered to your business’s needs. Our team of experts have created more than a thousand hours of courses for some of the leading global organisations, covering topics like compliance, process systems, induction, health and safety, and organisation-wide digital transformation.

Design and develop customised
content with our in-house experts

Olive’s bespoke content customisation process includes:


Initial Analysis & Consultation

To thoroughly understand your existing training set-up, objectives and learners. This helps us to get a great head start.


Storyboard & Multimedia Development

Mapping out your learners’ journey, key milestones and desired outcomes. Then, create text, audio, video and simulations as needed to deliver a rich and unique learning experience.


Use of e-learning Platform

With our best training platform – Mykademy, deliver your e-learning courses and train your people hassle-free.


Quality Check

A thorough product QC will be done before delivery. We will support you throughout the journey to ensure you’re satisfied and the outcome meets your expectations.


Training & Support

We make e-learning easy and engaging, and offer complete training to ensure you get the best out of it. We are on hand for ongoing support whenever needed.



To help you generate and understand learner data in order to improve the content and its mode of delivery.

The XR Experience

Get ready to open up new worlds for your learners. Our team of experts can guide you in your first steps using AR & VR to deliver unique immersive learning experiences. Adopt immersive technologies that leave a deep impression on your learners.

Success stories

Learn how our customers increased learner engagement which reflected in a higher degree of productivity by adopting an LMS system. Get inspired from the stories probably you could relate.

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